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I received my Rhode Island Massage Therapy License in 1989 after graduating from Axelsons Gymnastiska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. My education included Classical Massage, Anatomy, Physiology, Palpation, Relaxation, Neuromuscular Dysfunction and Treatment, Muscle Treatment, Longering (a form of stretching), Strain-Counter strain, Pathology, Sports Medicine, Strapping and Bandaging, and Trigger Point Therapy.

In 1999 I founded MIRA Holistic Services (Massage Therapy, Introspection, Rosen Method, Art) and opened an office on Bellevue Avenue in Newport, RI. For the next two years I was the director of the massage services provided at the Bellevue office, at Waterfront Fitness, and the Marriott Hotel Health Club. Occasionally I also worked at the Sheraton Hotel Health Club and in the summer months worked for the Shake-a-Leg Organization for Spinal Cord Injuries. I conducted house calls for summer vacationers and held massage classes and workshops through the Swinburne School. 

In 1992 I decided to restructure and simplify my life, refocusing my attention on my artwork and education as a Rosen Method Practitioner. Since then my work as a massage therapist has undergone some changes. Although I continue to do deep, slow treatments, incorporating trigger point therapy and various stretches, I approach my clients from a different standpoint, bringing my artist-self to the massage table; at times it can feel like a dance with the people I touch. My clients report feeling cared for and nurtured after sessions, as well as feeling more relaxed and comfortable in their own skin. I have become more present with my massage therapy clients than I was in my sports therapy days. As I have become more in touch with my own self through the Rosen Method, I have more to bring to the people I work with on all levels. As Robert Johnson says, "It is not so much what we do, but who we are that heals."

Kerstin Zettmar
January, 2000


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